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Australian top flight Football is starting to lure some really good players

The Australian top flight Football is starting to lure some really good players especially the veterans.

The 37-year old Luis Garcia recently joined Central Coast Mariners and a couple of other veterans might also be on the plane to Australia soon.

John Utaka, who is without a club at the moment, and Yossi Benayoun, who is playing in his homeland Israel, both are believed to be interested in the offers from the Australian league.

Gustavo Crnko is the representative of these two players in the market and in one of his latest interviews; he did drop hints that he was busy negotiating deals for his clients in Australia.

According to Crnko, the way of living in Australia is quite appealing and that’s why, a lot of managers as well as the players are showing interest in pursuing their careers over there.

In the words of Crnko, “The no. of professionals getting attracted to A-League is increasing fast, be it players or managers, they want to go there. The reason, I believe, is that Australian lifestyle is quite fascinating.”

“If we manage to contribute in the development of Football in that part of the world, we would be happy and it would be great for the overall sake of the game as well.”

Crnko actually represents many Football professionals and he did not take any particular name in his interview.

So, it was a bit unclear which managers and players he was talking about, but, some of the other reports suggest that it’s Benayoun and Utaka who have been approached by the Australian clubs.

As far as Benayoun is concerned, he was believed to finish his career at Maccabi Haifa only and take up an administrative role at the club thereafter, but, he appears to have changed his mind now.

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Steven Gerrard showed his class and skills in a 45 minute Appearance

Former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard showed his class and skills in a 45 minute appearance against Club America. This was his debut for LA Galaxy after having recently completed the transfer from Liverpool.

The presence of Gerrard in the team was expected to significantly improve results and this has been the case after the 35-year-old helped LA Galaxy grab a 2-1 victory. Coach Bruce Arena said after the game that it was apparent for the fans witnessing the game that Gerrard was a significant step above the rest of the players. He expects more from the 35-year-old in the coming matches.

It has so far been a disappointing season for LA Galaxy, as they find themselves only in the fifth spot. Even though they are only one point away from table leaders Seattle Sounders, it would take a lot of consistent form in order to see them regain the top spot since there are a number of teams like FC Dallas who have played less number of matches than Galaxy. The match against Club America was merely a friendly encounter in the International Champions Cup. More important tests with the club in the coming weeks when they take on Real Salt Lake and Houston Dynamo.

“Steven played well – his passing was very good and his partnership with Juninho was good. He won some tackles and help create some chances. He also could have had a goal but the goalkeeper made a great save, so it was very encouraging. He looked like he belonged and his leadership was really good.He is probably about a month away from being fit enough to play a full match. It will take some games. It doesn’t come from training, he will have to play some matches,” said underfire coach Bruce Arena about his new signing.

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Mario Balotelli last Goal sealed Livepool Victory

A late goal from Mario Balotelli sealed Liverpool’s victory when they played against Tottenham Hotspur in Anfield as each team faced off in a Premier League match that was intense and thrilling from the start till the very end.

This result was a devastating one for Tottenham as they had come from behind on 2 different occasions and with only a few minutes left on the clock; Mario Balotelli emerged at the 83rd minute to score the winning goal for Liverpool as he scored his first Premier League goal for Liverpool since joining the English team.

Mauricio Pochettino left Anfield with a bittersweet taste as he watched his squad giving it everything they had on the pitch and playing at a high level but it wasn’t enough for Tottenham to claim a single point and the Argentinean manager was disappointed in this outcome which does not benefit the team in their race for the top spots of the Premier League.

“It’s very disappointing because I think it was a great game, disappointing in the end at 2-2 and I think both teams deserved to take a point.I think in the first half we made some mistakes, but in the end we produced a very good performance and it’s a shame.” Mauricio Pochettino told the media.

However, even with this negative result there still are some good things to point out for Tottenham Hotspur and especially Mauricio Pochettino as the manager is creating a squad for the future with his faith and belief in young players as well rock hard training regimens.

Back when Pochettino was the manager of the Southampton squad, he made his players walk barefoot across burning coals during just one of his many tough boot camps training and things haven’t changed much for him even though he is in charge of a different club now in the White Hart Lane Stadium.

Harry Kane is currently the top goal-scorer of Tottenham Hotspur and he has stated that the training sessions of his team are basically mind over body as the pain that the players have to experience puts them into a new level not only physically but also mentally and this has helped the squad in going through matches with a high pace and intensity from start till the very end.

Kane said: “I think it has changed. We’ve been behind a lot in games this season but we’ve shown great character, stuck to our game plan and dug deep even in the final minutes and showed that again. We’ve made this a tough place to come.”

Sealing a Champions League spot is one of the objectives of Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham Hotspur in this season but even if they don’t accomplish it, the future is starting to look bright for the club with a manager who arrived to the Premier League 2 years ago and is already making a huge impact not only in his club but outside of it as well.

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Kieron Dyer against Rooney Rule

Former Ipswich Town and Newcastle United player Kieron Dyer, who has retired from football, he does not want the ‘Rooney Rule’ to be introduced into the football. This rule is rather famous in American NFL as it stipulates a certain number of black managers to be considered for the managerial role. Despite black players constituting a major part of the English game in recent times, only two black people have been able to secure a managerial job in all of England’s four leagues. This has resulted in suggestions that the introduction of‘Rooney Rule’ could help introduce more black managers.

Kieron Dyer is currently part of the Ipswich Town youth academy and he is widely expected to become a manager in the future. Widely regarded as a highly talented player,Dyer was unable to keep his career in the best possible shape due to a succession of injuries. The 33-year-old is working his way towards getting the coaching badges. However, he has rejected the proposal, along with defender Titus Bramble, about the possibility of introducing this rule. He does not want quotas help him get a job. Instead, he wants the job to be given based on his ability.

Bramble has also voiced the same concerns.“I want to be interviewed because the chairman wants to interview me.I don’t want to be interviewed because it’s filling a quota. I don’t want to be on a shortlist because football clubs are told I have to be because I’m black. I don’t agree with the Rooney Rule either. That’s me personally, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked in America, but I don’t like the idea here. I don’t want to sit down with a chief executive or a chairman and think I’m only here because I have to be.I want to prove myself independently of quotas,” said Dyer.

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Benayoun Not Playing For Isreal

Yossi Benayoun is not going to be playing for his national side Israel in the forthcoming Euro qualifying matches.

The veteran midfielder, who is also the skipper of the Israeli side, had participated in the training camp the previous month, but, he failed to leave any impression on the boss Eli Guttman with his form.

One more big name is missing from the squad named by Guttman. It’s the striker Eden Ben Basat. The 28-year old had found the net 6 times in the World Cup qualifiers that he had played. So, his exclusion is eyebrow-raising to some extent.

As far as Benayoun is concerned, he had suffered muscle strain recently, but, he had shrugged that off to play his first match for his new club Maccabi Haifa. After that game, he had told the press that he expects himself to be in the squad for the Euro qualifiers, but, unfortunately for him, that was not to be.

Tal Ben Haim will probably be wearing the armband on the place of Benayoun.

Israel will also be having a new man standing between the sticks for them. Their regular stopper Dudu Awat has called it a day and it’s Ariel Haroush who would probably be replacing him.

There are a few guys who have been called back as well. Ben Sahar is the most notable name out of those. The striker who had been signed by Chelsea at the age of 17 only is currently playing in Netherlands. He has more than 30 caps for Israel already.

Most of the Israeli players are believed to gather in Shefayim tomorrow. The players, who are playing in Europe, would be coming a few days later, probably next week.

Israel will first play versus Cyprus and then, versus Andorra.

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Benayoun Believes Teammates Did RIght Thing

Yossi Benayoun has said that his Maccabi Haifa teammates did the right thing by getting physical with the protestors who attacked them during their friendly game against the French club Lille the other day.

That match was taking place in Austria and Lille was ahead by a profound margin of 2-0. Just when the proceedings were about to get over, some people entered the ground and started beating the Haifa players. They were believed to be Pro- Palestinians.

At first, the Haifa players were taken by surprise, but, then, they also fought back.
According to Benayoun, his boys were left with no option. They had to try and defend themselves.

The statement of Benayoun was released by Haifa yesterday. That statement read, “As sportspersons, we are not at all for the physical spat during the matches, but, playing in Austria, we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. A group of people attacked us just because of the fact that we belong to Israel. We had to do something in our defence and we did that. I don’t think it was wrong on our part.”

“We, the older blokes, told the youngsters to stay away and we took it upon ourselves to protect them. It was necessary to do that at that point of time.”

“Our supporters should not change their views about us on the basis of that particular incident.”
The good thing was that none of the Haifa players suffered nasty injuries during that confrontation with the attackers.

Because of all the chaos, the remaining 4 minutes of the game never took place and the referee, at the end, announced the result in Lille’s favour.

The two players who had scored the goals for Lille before that incident were Simon Kjaer and Ryan Mendes.

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Benayoun Beats Record

QPR midfielder Yossi Benayoun will be making a new record for the most number of appearances for an Israeli player. Israel will be playing in a friendly match against Mexico next week. The North American team will be preparing for the World Cup 2014. Israel, however, will be hoping to use this friendly match in order to test a couple of young players. Despite this, manager Eli Gutman says that the former Chelsea and Liverpool midfielder will be playing in this match, which would be creating a new record in the history books of Israeli football.

Benayoun has been one of the most talented players for Israel over the last few years. The fact that he has represented top clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea and has also played in the Champions League says a lot about his quality. Over the years, he has made 94 appearances for the national team. This is a record that he currently shares within the Israeli national team assistant coach Arik Benado. However, the 34-year-old midfielder will be going past the assistant coach when he makes an appearance against Mexico.

There will be little pressure on the player since he has just achieved promotion with QPR back to the Premier league, although it remains doubtful whether he will remain at the London club into the new season. “Benayoun has played well recently and he deserves to be called up. I’m not interested in the record. But if he is already going to break it, he deserves to do so in front of 100,000 fans at the Azteca Stadium,” said the manager speaking ahead of the match. This match is expected to witness a huge turnover with Mexico set to take part in the World Cup 2014 in a few weeks. They will be up against teams like Brazil in the competition.

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Harry Redknapp was certain about his intentions of signing most of his transfer window targets on the deadline day as he managed to secure the services of Guillherme Dellatorre, Kevin Doyle, Will Keane and Aaron Hughes.

There were also attempts on signing Inter Milan’s Ishak Belfodil but the deal could never be completed. “We tried to get a lad from Inter Milan but that fell through,” Redknapp said.

The head coach of QPR also went out and spoke his delight on signing Aaron Hughes as he praised the player considering him to be a versatile player capable of playing on different defensive spots.

“He’s versatile. He can play centre-back or right-back and he’s good enough to walk this division.”

He was also happy to bring on board Dellatorre, and added: “He is a young player from Brazil. I would be a liar if I said I knew a lot about him but he has appeared on the radar and is probably one for the future, he may be now but he is here now and my scouts have seen him.”

Redknapp confirmed that Eduardo had been talked about and said: “He’s a name we’ve been looking at. He was mentioned to us and it’s not gone any further than that. At the moment there isn’t a lot of time to do much else and we’ll have to wait and see.”

While QPR failed to sign Ishak Belfodil from Inter Milan, Livorno managed to get the player on a loan deal which will last until the end of the current campaign. Harry Redknapp initially wanted to sign the Algerian footballer on a loan deal but later on a permanent deal if they manage to get promoted to the Premier League.

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The 33 years old Israeli captain Yossi Benayoun became a free agent after his loan deal with West Ham United concluded and Chelsea decided to release him from the contract he had with the club. Harry Redknapp made a move for the former Arsenal player as he signed with QPR with a contract that expires at the end of the season.

Even though Benayoun and Redknapp started working together only a few weeks ago, they have had nothing but praise with each other.

“Yossi is a good footballer, a top-class player. I think he will be a fantastic addition to the squad. We have got a lot of fixtures coming up over the Christmas period and in the New Year, so we are going to need a good squad of quality players for that.” QPR boss Harry Redknapp told the club website.

“I have been training here for two weeks and now I can’t wait to get involved and help the team,” Benayoun said. The manager was a very big factor for me. He showed me from the beginning that he really wanted me, and he is someone I have always wanted to play for so I am very happy.

Yossi Benayoun has spent his fair share of time playing in the Premier League as he has played for Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham United and Arsenal. He said that QPR is a club that has a good enough squad to be in the Premier League.

“The squad here is very strong and is definitely good enough for the Premier League. It is where this club should be. There is only one target here to win promotion in May. I want to help the squad with my experience, and I believe in my ability’’. Benayoun stated.

QPR are fighting their way to stay in the top 5 spots of the Championship league, they will need however to finish the season in the first 2 positions if they want to secure a promotion spot that will get them into the Premier League.

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Yossi Benayoun is close to joining the Championship club Queens Park Rangers. It will be a free transfer.

Benayoun’s previous club Chelsea hadn’t extended his contract at the end of the last season and he had to leave Stanford Bridge. He has been a free agent since then.

Benayoun has been practicing back home in Israel with the local club Maccabi Haifa since the last couple of months.

The 33 years old Israeli midfielder had been approached by quite a few clubs including West Bromwich Albion and Crystal Palace during the pre-season transfer window, but he hadn’t accepted any of those offers. Now, he is looking to make his way to the Loftus Road. According to the reports, Benayoun will be signing a 2-year deal with QPR.

Benayoun’s arrival will significantly strengthen the QPR squad which already has quite a few superstars in it.

QPR’s performance in the ongoing Championship has been up to the mark so far. They have been unbeaten and are currently at the second position in the points table. They are desperate to return to the Premier League and Benayoun can help them a great deal in their purpose.
Benayoun hasn’t had enough playing time in club football in the last 1 year or so and that’s why, he is currently out of his national side. In the last season, he had played for West Ham United on loan and had featured for them in only 6 league games.

The Israeli midfielder would be hoping for regular playing opportunities at QPR. That would help him in making a comeback to his national team.

Benayoun had made his debut for Israel 15 years back in 1998. He has so far made 93 international appearances in which he has scored 24 goals.

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