Benayoun on Wenger

Former Chelsea and Arsenal player Yossi Benayoun believes that Arsene Wenger should remain as the Arsenal boss next season. The player who was on loan at Arsenal during 2011-2012 believes that the French manager is an experienced manager and that he has the necessary skills to improve the team.

The Israeli international said that there are currently not many managers that are better than Arsene Wenger and that they will be making a mistake by replacing him at the end of the season. For him, the biggest issue at the moment in the team is that the players are not giving their best on the pitch.

He does not understand how a manager that have won numerous trophies in the past have now become a bad manager. He said that the players should look at themselves in a mirror and consider whether they are giving their best on the pitch.

Yossi Benayoun said that he has had a great season at Arsenal under Arsene Wenger and believes that he has learned a lot by playing with him. He stated that the manager is a good leader and that he knows how to motivate his players.

Yossi Benayoun believes that the board should give the manager enough fund to build another squad before judging him. He said that there are so many players that are not good enough to wear the Arsenal shirt and that it is high time that there are some changes in the London club.

He believes that even player such as Ozil is not performing to the best of his abilities and that he will need to improve if he wants to get a big contract with Arsenal.

For Yossi Benayoun, Chelsea is the favorite to win the league, and he believes that they will win enough games to clinch the title.