There have been several discussions and debates regarding the current form Liverpool are posting under Coach Jurgen Klopp.

Many are impressed and they are wondering if this could be the season for the Reds.

“I have no idea what to do to win the Premier League,” Klopp said. For a manager that broke a chain twice in Germany, helping Borussia Dortmund to Bundesliga successes, his statements come as tongue-in-cheek. In his first title win, he led the team to the top after 10 games, but he refused to relinquish the top spot and they were crowned champions with two games outstanding. After the same number of games this term, he is joint lead in the Premier League.

The next time, Klopp took much longer to get to the top. When he did in February, he remained there until May. With Liverpool fighting for the top spot, once they get it, would Klopp maintain lead to the end?

The defense has been highlighted as a work in progress if the team is to win the title this campaign. The attack, the confidence and talent are surely not deficient. As the team approach a third of the season, the hopes are bursting out. They can also fall out completely as the race continues. In 2008/09, Liverpool were equally as impressive under Rafa Benitez. They earned 26 points from the first 10 matches but losing to Tottenham triggered a poor run of results. They won just seven games out of the next 17 games. Israeli international Yossi Bernayoun got the winner that sent them to the top in April but United had games at hand. They used that to their advantage to win the title.

In the 2013/14 season, Liverpool were almost sure to win the title. After that memorable game against Chelsea where Steven Gerrard threw the game away, the damage was done. For now the hope of winning remains doubtful but alive.