Mario Balotelli last Goal sealed Livepool Victory

A late goal from Mario Balotelli sealed Liverpool’s victory when they played against Tottenham Hotspur in Anfield as each team faced off in a Premier League match that was intense and thrilling from the start till the very end.

This result was a devastating one for Tottenham as they had come from behind on 2 different occasions and with only a few minutes left on the clock; Mario Balotelli emerged at the 83rd minute to score the winning goal for Liverpool as he scored his first Premier League goal for Liverpool since joining the English team.

Mauricio Pochettino left Anfield with a bittersweet taste as he watched his squad giving it everything they had on the pitch and playing at a high level but it wasn’t enough for Tottenham to claim a single point and the Argentinean manager was disappointed in this outcome which does not benefit the team in their race for the top spots of the Premier League.

“It’s very disappointing because I think it was a great game, disappointing in the end at 2-2 and I think both teams deserved to take a point.I think in the first half we made some mistakes, but in the end we produced a very good performance and it’s a shame.” Mauricio Pochettino told the media.

However, even with this negative result there still are some good things to point out for Tottenham Hotspur and especially Mauricio Pochettino as the manager is creating a squad for the future with his faith and belief in young players as well rock hard training regimens.

Back when Pochettino was the manager of the Southampton squad, he made his players walk barefoot across burning coals during just one of his many tough boot camps training and things haven’t changed much for him even though he is in charge of a different club now in the White Hart Lane Stadium.

Harry Kane is currently the top goal-scorer of Tottenham Hotspur and he has stated that the training sessions of his team are basically mind over body as the pain that the players have to experience puts them into a new level not only physically but also mentally and this has helped the squad in going through matches with a high pace and intensity from start till the very end.

Kane said: “I think it has changed. We’ve been behind a lot in games this season but we’ve shown great character, stuck to our game plan and dug deep even in the final minutes and showed that again. We’ve made this a tough place to come.”

Sealing a Champions League spot is one of the objectives of Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham Hotspur in this season but even if they don’t accomplish it, the future is starting to look bright for the club with a manager who arrived to the Premier League 2 years ago and is already making a huge impact not only in his club but outside of it as well.