Yossi Benayoun Finishes Good Week

Yossi Benayoun, who is known as the best players from Israel joined Chelsea in 2010 as a midfielder from Liverpool. For the Reds, he scored 29 times in 134 but at Chelsea, he had chances which did not come easily due to tough competition and injury issues.  Benayoun played only 24 games for the blues.

Benayoun did strike his 2nd goal to help Liverpool get back to victory days in the Premier League at 2-0 over Sunderland which took place at Anfield. Benayoun was left behind in the 2-0 defeat with the opponent Middleborough post Martin Fulop began to fumble David Ngog’s cross. The enthusiastic Israeli did admit the Reds were a bit disappointed with their defeat during the weekend which was totally unexpected. As a result, they had to get the better of one more north east squad back on the home patch.

Benayoun said he is happy with the goal. However, the crucial thing here is the points. He said this past winning as it took his squad up to 4 points of Manchester United leaders who also have around 2 games in hand. After losing against Middleborough, it was necessary to get back to victorious ways and they now have some time to consider Real Madrid in Champions League. Benayoun said that they were expecting to beat Middlesbrough. However, they successfully did it and it’s crucial for others to show the followers, it may not be to achieve the league but to complete 2nd and continue to do our best.

The game also had another player named Tal Ben Haim in Sunderland hailed from Israel. He made his third appearance in the new club post signing a contract from Manchester City. Benayoun and Ben Haim will work hard to show the ongoing success and fame of footballers from Israel who would make it to the Premier League and play at the best standard.